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The history of Hotel Arrope...

Existing documentation is very scarce and biased; we know that the Palace was built in the mid-nineteenth century, under the orders of the Duke of Moctezuma, who was the founder of the winery Bodegas Gómez Cruzado. This was Haro's golden age, "thanks" to the phylloxera epidemic affecting the French vineyards, which meant an enormous influx of money from the purchase of the Rioja wine production so that the French could satisfy their foreign market.

Romantic building
The building which nowadays houses Hotel Arrope is of a romantic style in cutstone and with white wooden galleries which overlook the private garden, just opposite the Bretón Theatre and next to the Banco de España building in the Monseñor Florentino Rodríguez square.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the building's features and size, its situation and the growing demand for accommodation in Haro were all factors which favoured its transformation into a hotel - the Hotel Adela - of which we have only found photos on posters and in an advertisement published in a magazine of the times.

In 1920 there was a change of ownership, renovations were made and the premises reopened under the name of Hotel Higinia. We have gathered information on this, including advertisements of the inauguration, social chronicles of the time, and the menu served at the inauguration celebration, all of which showed a deep French influence.

Chronicle from La Rioja newspaper

Inauguration of the Hotel Higinia 02/02/1920:
Tomorrow, Sunday, the splendid Hotel Higinia, established in its own building in the centre of the town, will open its doors to the public. In order to commemorate such a magnificent event, the hotel firm has invited distinguished local personages to attend the function, and in their honour has organised a banquet with all the features of an authentic gastronomic feast. Proof of this is the pantagruelian menu enclosed in the invitations.

The menu consisted of: Oxtail, Potage Parisien, Poulet Grain Mascotte, Galantine de Poularda, File de boeuf grain, Roti Cresson, Cardons au Just, Boman Glacé, Fruits Varios, Vins Fins de Rioja, Champagne.

...and the present and the future

There followed a time in which the building remained closed to the public and then Ana and I took it on in 2009. After thoroughly remodelling it, we opened on 22 July 2010. Ana's responsibility is the accommodation and my area is the restaurant.


My name is Ana and I will be in charge of your stay at the hotel.

From my previous job I have great experience in dealing with people, and so has my team of workers. I hope to satisfy all your needs and to surpass your expectations.

If this is your first visit to Haro, we will make your sojourn pleasant and advise you about what to see in the town; you can do it all on foot as we are in the very centre. Should you wish to do so, you can savour our wine tastings, meals, tapas...

Haro's geographical situation will enable you to visit important nearby cities, it all depends on how much time you have...

Haro is a very convenient point for sales reps, to whom we offer a special price.

Mmiguel Achotegi

Hello. I'm Miguel - "the other half" of the business.

When I left my job in La Casa de la Marquesa, a hotel in Queretaro, Mexico, back in 1995, and after working in several hotels in Bilbao, I promised myself that the next hotel I worked in would be tailor-made for me. Fifteen years later, alongside Ana, my dream has come true.

During that period of fifteen years I trained in different areas which are complementary to my current activity: firstly, as from 1996, I was involved in the incoming agency business, creating tourist packages, commercialising them via American tour operators, producing them and even acting as a guide. After September 11th 2001, I left this area and began producing events, congresses, conventions, workshops etc. Amongst others, we arranged the inaugural congress at the Palacio de Euskalduna in Bilbao for the Club de Roma, and we organised and produced Ennio Morricone in Bilbao for Mutua Surne. We also made presentations of the whole Megane range for Renault, for county and city councils..etc. I've even tried my hand at creative publicity and production.

And now I'm deepening my knowledge about this fantastic world of good food and drink.


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